About Us

Lantana Pizza is known as “Lantana’s best kept secret” for the past 20 years.We are most famous for our specialty 18 inch pizza, oversized calzones and stromboli’s. We also offer a full Italian menu including various seafood entrees, freshly prepared veal, chicken and pasta  dishes as well as our delicious homemade soups, salads and appetizers.We also boast a full liquor bar offering beer, wine and spirits. The atmosphere is cozy and pleasant and the service is great.  We offer delivery and take out as well.Please join us for lunch or dinner and let us make you feel at home.We can also cater any affair.  


Everyday Specials

16" Pizza - 2 Toppings & 20 Wings - $27.95

2-14" Pizzas (2 Toppings each) - $24.00

2-16" Pizzas (1 Topping Each) - $27.00

2-18" Cheese Pizzas - $26.00

2-Chicken Parmigiana Meals, 2 - Salads & 6 Garlic Rolls - $27.00

1-18" Cheese Pizza, 1 Large Garden Salad, 10 Wings & 2 Liter Soda - $29.95

2 Slice Special (11:00am to 5:00pm) & Soda - $5.00

1 Slice Pizza - $2.00 (0.75 per regular topping)


Monday: 14" Cheese  - $10.00

Tuesday: 2-14" Pizzas 1-Lrg. Garden Salad - $24.00

Wednesday: 2 Lasagna Dinners , 2 Salads & Rolls - $24.95

Thursday: Baked Ziti Special Lasagna Dinner - $24.95

Sunday: Spaghetti Dinner Special Meatball or Sausage - $11.95 


“I have a lot of trouble eating other company’s pizzas... I had given it up until I was given a chance to try yours... You have given me back the joy of eating pizza again...”  


“Delicious, best pizza around this area. Delivered hot, always good and on time.I fully recommend them, try just one time. I always order to them for my family. Thanks” 


“These people are great! Lantana is greatest pizza place in our place and is well run and staffed. We are thankful they are there. Prices are great and allow us to keep coming back.”